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Checklist - A safe lock

Tuesday 18 June 2019

To keep uninvited guests out of your home, you can take the necessary measures yourself. Buying good locks is one such measure. To secure doors and windows, it is best to choose hinges and locks with an SKG quality mark. This reduces the chance of burglary with more than 90%! At Zoofy we think this is quite something. Reason enough to write a checklist about it. This way we can prevent those bastards from leaving your house. Winning! Do you already have the locks in your pocket? Then our locksmiths will be happy to install them for you.

The checklist for a safe lock:

The lock has an SKG quality mark. SKG is an independent institute that inspects products on durability, safety and quality.
Make sure the lock is recessed into the door. This way the door cannot be opened with the so called 'cylinder pulling method'.
Do not leave the key in the lock. Burglars can easily open the lock with a piece of wire or a clothes hanger when the key is in the lock.
Make sure that the door is not just closed but really locked. Otherwise burglars will have no trouble at all. A piece of hard plastic in between (the so-called "pinball card") and your door is open. Easy peasy.

SKG classifications

There are three kinds of classifications in the SKG quality mark. Depending on the number of stars, this will slow down the burglars for 3 to 5 minutes by means of the hinges or locks. It may sound like little, but most burglars leave when it takes them too long to get in.