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Capping the water pipe

Thursday 08 July 2021

Capping a water pipe

There are some jobs that will not happen every day. Tapping a water main is probably one of them. Nevertheless, it is useful to know what the point of capping a water pipe is, what work can be involved and who the best person to hire for capping a water pipe is. You can read all about it below.

Why must a water pipe be capped?

As soon as you start making changes to your home, such as fitting or moving your kitchen or installing or renovating your bathroom, you will have to deal with water pipes. And, as is often the case, an existing water pipe is not in the most ideal place and usually has to be laid a little further away. The old water pipe must therefore be capped. We also recommend capping a water pipe when a tap is no longer functional, for example in rooms like a shed or garage.