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Can you paint laminate flooring

Monday 03 January 2022

When you have a beautiful, good quality laminate floor, you will enjoy it for life. But the quality of laminate can vary from brand to brand. In addition, your taste can change over the years and you have to deal with changing flooring trends. At some point you may be tired of the colour of your floor and want a different colour. You could then consider painting your laminate floor. But is it possible to paint laminate flooring? And how can you paint laminate?

Can you paint any kind of laminate?

In principle, all types of laminate flooring can be painted. However, there is one important prerequisite. The floor must of course be perfectly clean and the laminate surface layer must be in good condition. If the top layer is damaged then you should consider whether painting the laminate makes sense. Damage remains visible, even after painting. Another condition is that the laminate floor must be stable. The floor may not bend, because then the paint layer will come off.

Paint laminate or lay new laminate?

It can be a difficult decision if you are considering painting your laminate. Is painting really the right solution for you or would it be better to lay a whole new laminate floor? If the top layer of laminate is worn out, then painting is always an option. No matter how dilapidated a laminate floor may look, a new coat of paint can restore its beauty. It is different if the laminate floor shows obvious signs of damage. Scratches can possibly be repaired with a new coat of paint, but if the laminate is damaged you are better off replacing the floor.

What are the advantages of painting laminate?

Have a laminate floor painted and you will enjoy some benefits. You do not have to demolish and dispose of the laminate floor. This saves a lot of work and inconvenience. In addition you do not need to buy a new and expensive laminate floor. A laminate floor of the highest quality is very expensive. Painting the laminate is usually a lot cheaper. If the laminate floor has been there for a while and the quality is good, then a new colour can make the floor more contemporary. There are no restrictions on colour. By painting an old laminate floor, it can be brought back into the style of the present day. And not only the colour can be changed, you can also choose the gloss. Has the sheen of the floor disappeared after years of use? You can restore its shine with a lacquer. The most popular types of lacquer are silk matt and silk gloss.

With which paints can you paint laminate?

It is not the case that you can paint laminate with any type of paint. Laminate flooring is often used intensively and a strong type of paint is therefore required. For this, a wear-resistant type of paint is needed. A 2-component paint is the best solution for this. The two components consist of a paint and a hardener based on polyurethane. As soon as the components are mixed with each other, the paint will start to harden. It is therefore important that the paint is applied well immediately. It is also possible to use a 1-component paint, but then a good adhesive primer has to be applied beforehand. A good preparation is also necessary. The laminate should be sanded with a 180 grit paper. After that, it is very important to dust and degrease the laminate before applying the paint.

Do you paint the laminate yourself or have it done?

If you know how to prepare the floor and use the right paint, you can paint the laminate yourself. The challenge lies in painting the floor smooth so that you get an even coat of paint. Painting is a specific skill, which not everyone can do. If you have doubts about your painting skills, don't risk it and look for a professional painter. After all, it's not just a small wall you have to paint, but an entire floor that should remain beautiful for years to come. If you can't paint professionally yourself, hire a professional. Finding a professional doesn't have to be a lot of work. On Zoofy you can find a professional for every job, including painting a laminate floor. By having your laminate painted, you can be sure that you get a professionally painted floor that will last for years.

What does it cost to paint a laminate floor?

When you have your laminate flooring painted by a professional, you get a beautiful laminate floor that looks as new. Of course, a professional does cost something. Therefore it is important to compare prices. Fortunately, this is very easy to do on Zoofy. Choose the professional for painting your laminate floor here and determine what an acceptable price is for you.