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Beveiligingscamera 2022

Best Security Cameras in 2022

Monday 03 January 2022

You see them more and more. In the general street scene, at business parks but also at private homes, outdoor security cameras. In this article, we will discuss different types of security cameras and the best outdoor security camera. Furthermore, what you can pay attention to when you want to buy an outdoor security camera and by whom you can install the best security camera.

The benefits of a security camera

With a security camera, you can easily keep an eye on who is (unlawfully) walking around your home or business premises. You can choose for a security camera, but also for a security camera in combination with an alarm system.


With a security camera you watch over your personal belongings, both outside and inside. A smart security camera can also be linked to other smart devices.


A security camera deters many uninvited guests who otherwise wander around your home or business premises. If they do go within sight of the camera, there is a good chance they will be recognised.

Burden of proof

If a burglary, vandalism or other type of incident resulting in damage occurs on your property, you can use the images of outdoor security camera to provide evidence to the police or insurance company.

Features of a security camera

Unlike an indoor camera, an outdoor security camera has other properties. These include waterproofing, infrared and night vision. Some types of cameras allow live viewing on a smartphone.
What are the requirements for a good outdoor security camera?
The system
There is a choice of various professional surveillance systems such as TVI, HDCVI/AHD, Digital HD-SDI, Digital IP and Analogue. In general, these systems provide a good image. The analogue system is a somewhat outdated system.


A security camera must be installed quickly and easily at a suitable location. Need help with the installation? Call in a professional from Zoofy.

Wired connection

A wireless connection seems ideal, but it's not. A poor WiFi connection can make the outdoor security camera susceptible to interference. Rather choose a wired system, which is much more stable.

High resolution

A good security camera has a high resolution. This is very pleasant when viewing images or looking back. Preferably do not buy a camera with a low resolution. These are practically useless and at best scare off unwanted visitors.
What should you look for when buying the best outdoor security camera?


Have you seen a nice set? Always check the manufacturer's website to make sure it's actually the set described and you're not dealing with an imitation product.


Choose a CCTV set of brands like Sony, Samsung, Axis, Alhua or Hikvision. These sets are of excellent quality and the images are always usable. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, a system with two important properties:

Closed Circuit

The camera has a closed circuit to which others have no access. The camera is directly connected to the monitor and recorder and is not connected to the Internet. Thanks to the recorder, you can look back at images if you wish.
A monitor shows what is happening around your home or business premises. This system allows you to watch live images from one or more cameras.

Choose quality

Cheap is often expensive. A cheap system often provides poor image quality. Bad images are unusable and useless. Rather invest in a more expensive system with good image quality.

Wired connection

As mentioned above, a wireless connection may seem ideal, but it is not. Rather choose a more stable, cabled system.

Call in a professional

For advice, quality and guarantee, engage a specialised (Dutch) company in the field of camera surveillance. Such companies often also take care of the installation. You can confidently leave the installation to the professionals of Zoofy. If you prefer to buy online, check whether the webshop in question has a quality mark and take the time to read the reviews.

Some suggestions for the best outdoor security camera, selection 2022 Consumers' Association and others.

Euphycam 2

Perhaps the best outdoor security camera at the moment is the Euphycam 2. Because of the high resolution (Full HD 1080p), the motion sensor and the improved night vision, recordings are clear even in the dark. The camera can distinguish animals, people or objects well. Via the base station, the camera works with Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple HomeKit and can therefore be controlled by voice. Via a secure connection in the app, you can view the images. These are stored locally, so there is no need to buy expensive storage space, for example iCloud.
The camera has an IP67 rating and is waterproof. The batteries last about a year with general use.

Arlo Pro 3

This excellent security camera is completely wireless. Thanks to 2K HDR resolution, the images are razor-sharp and in colour, even with night vision. The viewing angle is very generous at 160 degrees. The Arlo Pro 3 can be charged by means of a magnetic battery or a solar panel (which can be purchased separately). Because of the built-in microphone and loudspeaker, this camera works the same as a smart doorbell (Ring).
The camera is part of an expansion set and only works in combination with the Arlo Base Station (required). 

Best buy D-Link DCS-8600LH

The 135° wide-angle lens together with the high resolution (Full HD 1080p) provide a clear overview at a glance. Together with the built-in infrared LEDs, it offers 24-hour surveillance. The night vision is up to 7 metres. Push notifications on your mobile phone indicate motion detection. Mounting the camera is child's play and, in combination with the MyLink App, easy to install.

Zoofy for a safe feeling

Now that you know what to look for with the different types of security cameras, you can go ahead and buy. Would you like to have the camera installed? The professionals at Zoofy are happy to take this work off your hands. Only professionals are connected to the Zoofy platform. They score an average of 9.2, something we are very proud of at Zoofy. You can quickly and easily get in touch with a professional in your neighbourhood by entering three times when you can be contacted.