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Save on gas - get rid of that gas

Thursday 06 October 2022

Saving on gas is something we all want. You can save on gas in various ways with drastic, as well as relatively small adjustments. In this blog we give you some tips to reduce energy and save on gas. The measures taken will immediately make your home feel a lot more comfortable. Do you have two left hands, little time or do you want to be assured of the best result? Call in the professionals at Zoofy.

besparen op gas


A great way to save energy is to have insulation installed. A well-insulated house can sometimes save up to 30% on energy costs. This is because heat disappears very easily through windows, seams, cracks and walls. Do not forget the heat loss through the roof (also 30%).
Many measures can often be carried out within one day, especially if you leave this to the professionals of Zoofy. Investments made can usually be recouped quickly and subsidies can often be applied for.
Signs that a home is poorly insulated include sky-high energy bills, cold feet, cold floors and a hot house in the summer period.

Cavity wall insulation

Having cavity wall insulation installed is a simple job that takes place on the outside of the house. Insulating pellets are injected into the cavity. The result is a warmer home in the winter and a cooler home in the summer. You get a subsidy on having cavity wall insulation installed, which is €8 per m². A minimum of 10 m² and a maximum of 170 m² must be insulated.

Roof insulation

Does your house have a tiled roof? This can easily be insulated from the inside with insulation material such as rock wool. This is a fairly simple job that you can do yourself if you wish.
Is it a dormer or flat roof? Then it is best to call in a professional via Zoofy to avoid moisture in the roof, mold or rotting wood.

Floor insulation

Was your home built before 1983? Then chances are your home does not have floor insulation. That means not only cold feet, but also a heat loss of up to 15%. As a result, your central heating boiler has to work harder and therefore consumes more gas. Is there a crawl space? Then the floor can usually be insulated from the bottom. A floor can also be insulated from the top. Because the floor will be higher after insulation than before, doors will have to be shortened. Zoofy's carpenter will do the job.

Cook differently

A gas stove consumes a lot of cubic meters of gas. A good alternative to a gas stove is an induction stove. Did you know that an induction cooktop offers many advantages? First of all, cooking on induction is much safer than cooking on gas. An induction cooktop hardly gets hot and cools down quickly after use. Furthermore, they react quickly, are easy to clean and are energy efficient. Because induction cooktops are available in many models and sizes, there is always a suitable solution. Your distribution board may have to be modified or expanded. A job you can leave to the electrician at Zoofy.

Install radiator foil

When a radiator is on full blast, unfortunately much of the heat is lost through the outside wall. This is already a lot less when cavity wall insulation is installed. By installing radiator foil, the heat is lost less quickly. This is a simple and inexpensive measure that you can easily apply yourself.

Apply draught strips

Especially in older houses there are cracks and seams around windows and doors. To get rid of that unpleasant draft, you can apply draught strips. It's simple. You cut the draught strip to size and stick it to the relevant window frame. By applying draught strips, you can easily save tens of cubic meters of gas on an annual basis and your home will feel much more comfortable.

Smarter, smarter, smartest

A smart thermostat adjusts the temperature in the home to your lifestyle (and that of your fellow residents). Installing a smart thermostat can prevent the heating from being left on unnecessarily and thus save on gas. As a result, you obviously save money. With an app, you can connect to the thermostat via your smartphone or smartwatch and control the temperature remotely. The app also provides insight into energy consumption.

CV maintenance

Have your central heating boiler checked and serviced at least once a year. Then you are always assured of optimal operation and you can save on gas. Moreover, this prevents annoying malfunctions and potentially dangerous situations. Think of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and deadly gas that can be produced during an incomplete combustion process.