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Always buy the right wood for your job

Friday 15 September 2023

Always buy the right wood for your job

You can buy wood at the lumber yard or hardware store. Most physical stores also have an online store. The experienced do-it-yourselfer naturally knows exactly what is needed, but many need some information. There are also differences in the range of wood. The supply of wood will be greater at a special wood store.

Choose the right wood

Wood has many applications and not all wood is the same. There is hard and soft wood and there are veneered panels such as plywood and plywood, construction panels and chips. It is important to find the right wood for the job you are going to do. Making furniture is different from planking a floor or closing a roof. An important consideration is also whether the wood is used indoors or outdoors. Wood used outdoors needs specific properties.

Making wood more sustainable

Wood is classified into a durability class. Hardwood such as tropical hardwood has the best durability class. Wood from trees that grow quickly, such as spruce and pine, are treated to increase durability. Wood is then impregnated or modified. Modification is better than impregnation because no substances harmful to the environment are used. If you choose impregnated softwood, go for wood with the KOMO quality mark. Hardwood also needs to be protected. This can be done with paint, oil or stain.

Wood for indoors and outdoors

Wood for the home is mainly soft wood such as doors, roof structures and finishing panels. Spruce wood is then modified or varnished. If there is a preference for hardwood, European hardwood is usually used instead of tropical hardwood. Outdoor wood is exposed to influences such as moisture, drought, insects, fungi and wood rot. For each type of wood, the durability class indicates against which influences the wood in question is protected. This way you can choose the right type of wood for the application.

Wood is scarce and the longer wood lasts the better it is. Good maintenance makes wood last longer and that saves trees. About thirty percent of the world's total land area is still forest. There is still deforestation and logging is not the main cause. It is mainly about creating agricultural land for soy and palm oil. Wood with an FSC or PEFC quality mark is produced in a responsible manner.

The right professional for the right woodwork

When choosing the right wood for your job, it is important to find the best sources of materials, such as De Houtgroothandel. But we would also like to point out a useful way to find the right handyman for your wood project. At Zoofy we understand that selecting the right professional is just as crucial as choosing the right wood.

Whether you need help with planking your floor, building a piece of furniture, or tackling a large-scale construction, Zoofy connects you with experienced and reliable handymen who are skilled in woodworking and carpentry. Our platform offers convenience and confidence, because you can easily find the right professional that suits your specific needs. Whether for indoor or outdoor applications, our handymen understand the different properties of wood and can advise you on the best materials for your project.

Zoofy is here to help you with every step of your job, from finding the right professional to completing your project. So, while you're looking for the perfect wood, consider Zoofy to find the perfect handyman to make your wood dreams come true. Together we can ensure quality and craftsmanship for every wood-related job.