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7 Tips to get through the fall

Wednesday 02 October 2019

Check out all the tips to get through the autumn below

Below are seven maintenance tips to get your home through the autumn properly. View them hereĀ 

1. Leaves are the big enemy of gutters and cause leaks

With autumn just around the corner (and when temperatures finally start to drop) the first leaves start to fall. If your home is near trees and the leaves are starting to fall, clean your gutters once in a while. This prevents leaks when it starts to rain heavily. Gutters overflow and become clogged, causing leaks. Insurance companies often do not reimburse the costs of solving this problem. Not removing leaves from your gutters is seen as overdue maintenance. Don't feel like doing it yourself? Call in the help of a professional to clean your gutters.

2. While you're on the roof...

Take a look at your roofing. Are any tiles loose or worn? Is your roofing felt still in good condition? Is there any vegetation on your roof? Is there any ivy growing up there? Overgrowth and plants are the start of every roof leak. Prevent it by removing it preventively. And if you see that your roof leather is coming up, have a roofer come over preventively. If you need to replace tiles, swap them if you have some spare, or buy some at the hardware store. Most sizes can be found there.

3. If it ever gets cold outside again, the critters will come inside.

Mice, rats and other vermin are having a great time outside now. But when the temperature outside starts to drop, they will start looking for nice and warm homes just like yours! Look for places where they can sneak in. Now they are still outside. With a few simple steps you can keep them there. Walk around your house or in the hall of your flat and at the front door. Often, smearing small holes with a bit of cement (you can buy this in a tube) will already solve the problem. And if you have some small holes inside, for example near heating pipes or in the corners of rooms, fill them with some acrylic sealant. Mice only need the width of your little finger to enter.

4. It's going to happen, the heating inside is going to be on again one day

And now the heating engineers are having a quiet time! You could make an appointment with them tomorrow (through Zoofy, the appointment can be arranged in 30 seconds;-) When do most problems with central heating boilers occur? The moment they are switched on again after a long summer (and warm autumn). That is when the temperature drops below 15 degrees, or it rains heavily for a few days. And guess what, then everyone wants to be helped today or tomorrow. Now it's just a matter of time and the problem is solved for the time ahead. The chance of malfunctions decreases enormously with preventive maintenance. And an additional advantage: your central heating boiler is more economical. The CV technician will make sure it is cleaned and that improves the efficiency of your boiler.