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5 tips for making the house more sustainable!

Monday 03 May 2021

If you are thinking about insulating your house, you can do so in many ways. Firstly, you make your home more sustainable by limiting energy loss as much as possible. You achieve this by insulating your house. An optimally insulated house has roof insulation, floor insulation, wall insulation and HR++ glass. To make your house even more sustainable, you will then need to provide your house with energy in a sustainable way. You can think of solar panels, a solar boiler and the installation of a heat pump. In this article, we will tell you all about these ways to optimise the sustainability of your home.

1. Insulating your home

We make a distinction between small investments and large investments to provide your house with good insulation. You can easily make the small investments yourself. Here you can think of:

Sealing seams and cracks
Installing aluminium foil behind the radiators
Insulating central heating pipes in heated rooms
With these simple measures, you can already save on your energy bill. However, the biggest impact is made by providing your home with professional insulation. Making your home more sustainable is largely a question of simply reducing energy loss. You can achieve this by:

Floor insulation
Wall insulation
Roof insulation
HR++ glass

Floor insulation

Applying floor insulation gives you even more advantages than just making your house more sustainable. Firstly, it provides extra comfort in the colder months. Your feet stay nice and warm now that you no longer have to walk on a cold floor. Secondly, floor insulation also has health benefits. Absorbing moisture will no longer get the chance to manifest itself in your home. Absorbing moisture is invariably the cause of (black) mould in floors and walls. Mould in the house entails serious health risks and aggravates existing complaints in people who already suffer from respiratory diseases. Good floor insulation also reduces the presence of unwanted guests such as woodlice, silverfish and house dust mite. Another big advantage of floor insulation is that your house is now provided with good protection for your floor and any wooden structures. Wood, but also concrete, is affected by rising damp over the years.

There are different possibilities to provide your house with floor insulation. You have the choice of:

Insulation cushions
Insulation chips
Insulating shells
Glass or rock wool
Insulating mattresses
Insulation beads

Which insulation material is the most suitable for your house depends on several factors. For instance, how much space do you have underneath your house and how accessible is it for the insulation installers? To be able to provide your house with floor insulation, the crawl space under the house must be at least 35 centimetres and of course there must be access for the professionals who will apply the floor insulation. On Zoofy you'll quickly get in touch with floor insulation installers who will be happy to advise you on which floor insulation is most suitable to be installed in your house.