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Research: Who decides to hire a tradesman?

Sunday 23 August 2020

Who wears tinker trousers in which province?

In Zeeland, Gelderland and North Holland, women are clearly wearing tinkers at home. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Netherlands has been hard at work. Long queues in front of the hardware store and the holiday has been exchanged for a facelift of the house. Regionally, there are clearly big differences in who is in charge at home. This is evident from a data analysis of handyman platform Zoofy.

While in most provinces there is a 50-50 split between men and women requesting a job, on a regional level there are strikingly large differences. Three provinces stand out: Zeeland, Gelderland and North Holland. There, it is clearly the women who pull the strings at home.

In these regions, women account for up to 70% of the requests for help with odd jobs around the house.

It is difficult to give a clear explanation for these large differences. In Noord-Holland one could think of the fact that in Amsterdam more single women live than men. Many of the requests Zoofy receives come from the capital. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, Zeeland and Gelderland do have slightly more women than men. However, this does not explain the large difference between men and women.

Furthermore, the same research by handyman platform Zoofy shows that Airco maintenance & Removal wasp nest by far the most requested during the sultry summer months. The demand is again much higher than the supply of mechanics and pest controllers can handle.

Top 5 jobs during the construction period

The full top 5 chores during the construction holiday period are:
" Airco Maintenance
" Remove wasp nest
" Electrician
" Plumber
" Dishwasher repair

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