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Velux roof window sizes

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Having a roof window installed is always an added value. It means an increase in the value of your home. More daylight will enter the room, which will also increase the enjoyment of living. In nine out of ten cases the choice is made to install a Velux roof window. And for good reason. The Danish brand Velux, founded in 1941, has many decades of experience in the production of roof windows. This has enabled Velux to optimise their roof windows to perfection. In addition to a perfect product, Velux works only and exclusively with partners who can guarantee an absolutely excellent installation service. It is therefore not surprising that the range of Velux roof windows has expanded and improved enormously in recent years.

Installing a new Velux roof window

Do you want to replace a roof window instead of having a new Velux roof window installed? Then it is important to measure the Velux roof window size correctly. Do you have an older type of Velux roof window? You can easily replace it with a Velux roof window of the latest generation. That really does have a number of advantages.
The insulation has improved and the latest roof windows are fitted with HR++ glass. This of course meets the new insulation standard.
Because the dimensions of the frame have decreased, the glass surface has become larger and more daylight can enter the room.
The latest generation of Velux roof windows are finished in white as standard, which means that less maintenance is required. Furthermore, the overall quality has improved significantly.

velux roof window seixes

Choice of many Velux roof window sizes

Because every situation requires a different roof window (with different sizes) Velux currently has 21 different roof windows in production. Because of this wide range and many options for Velux roof window sizes, you can be sure that there is always a size available to suit your situation. A Velux roof window therefore fits perfectly into the room in which it is installed. Wondering what sizes of Velux roof windows are available? You can find out in the table below.

Size (height x width) Newest generation Velux roof window type
700 x 550 mm CK01
780 x 550 mm CK02
980 x 550 mm CK04
1180 x 550 mm CK06
980 x 660 mm FK04
1180 x 660 mm FK06
1400 x 660 mm FK08
980 x 780 mm MK04
1180 x 780 mm MK06
1400 x 780 mm MK08
1600 x 780 mm MK10
980 x 940 mm PK04
980 x 940 mm PK04
1180 x 940 mm PK06
1400 x 940 mm PK08
1600 x 940 mm PK10
700 x 1140 mm SK01
1180 x 1140 mm SK06
1400 x 1140 mm SK08
1600 x 1140 mm SK10
980 x 1340 mm UK04
1400 x 1340 mm UK08

As you can see from the table above, there are quite a few options in terms of roof window sizes. You can also install several roof windows to increase the amount of daylight available.

The cost of a new Velux roof window

The price of a Velux roof window depends of course on the size, but also on whether you want to finish the inside of the roof, whether you want to install a new roof window or replace an old one, and whether you need to dispose of waste. These tasks are of course performed with the utmost precision by the professional, e.g. Zoofy. Book a professional

Why choose Zoofy for the installation of a Velux roof window?

The installation of a roof window, possibly in combination with the removal of an old roof window, is a precise job. If you are very handy you can do this yourself. It is easier to use a professional. You can do this quickly and easily via Zoofy. The Zoofy platform only has professionals and, of course, professionals. They are valued with an average of 9.2. This way you can be sure that your new roof window will be expertly installed, the new window will be perfectly square, there will be no leakage during a rainstorm and the window will be neatly finished. More than 300,000 customers have already had their job done to their complete satisfaction by the professionals of Zoofy.

For the installation or replacement of a roof window you do not have to wait long for the professional. By giving us three times when you can be contacted, you will quickly and easily get in touch with a professional in your neighbourhood. This is very convenient in times when real professionals are not readily available, let alone that they can take on a job at short notice. With Zoofy this is different and you will find a professional within minutes.