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Types of window decoration, what are the options?

Thursday 23 June 2022

Would you like to buy new window decorations? Then you're probably wondering what the possibilities are. This article will tell you all about it. You will also discover what the best option is for you!

Different kinds of window decoration: how to choose the right kind?

There are many different types of window decoration. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below, you'll find out what the best window decoration is for you!


The main advantage of this type of window decoration is that it provides good protection against the sun in summer. It also keeps warmth inside during the winter. If you choose curtains, you also have a lot of options. They come in different colours, lengths, patterns and fabrics. This makes them a suitable type of window decoration for almost everyone. But because curtains usually have a decorative look, they are usually used in a rural or classic interior.

Of course, it depends on the type of curtains you choose. Roller and pleated curtains, for example, have a tighter look than classic curtains and can therefore be used perfectly in a modern or minimalist interior. The disadvantage of curtains is that you cannot control the amount of light entering your room. In addition, you have to wash them from time to time, which can be quite a job.


A good choice if you:
would like to buy well-insulating window decoration
want sufficient choice in terms of colours, fabrics and patterns
You want window decoration that is easy to install.
A less good option if you:
like to control the amount of light
Don't want to lose space at the windows
You want to buy the most durable window decoration.


Another popular option for window decoration are shutters. They are a good choice if you want to add atmosphere to your interior as they have an authentic look. In addition, you can easily determine how much sunlight you let into your home as you can gradually close them. You can also control the direction of the light and they provide a good blackout.

The disadvantage of shutters is that you have little choice. They are available in various colours and materials, but there are far fewer options than with curtains, for example. Another negative point is that shutters are not as cheap as other window decorations. They also absorb a lot of dust, which means you have to dust regularly.


A good choice if you:
want to accurately control the amount of light entering your home
Like window decoration with a charming appearance
want to enjoy a lot of privacy
A less good option if you:
are looking for the most budget-friendly window decoration
don't feel like dusting your window decoration regularly
want to have a lot of choice

Venetian blinds

Another option is to install blinds. These are thin, horizontal slats that can be set in different positions using a cord. In this way, you can easily determine how much light enters your home. There are both horizontal and vertical blinds. There is also a choice of materials and colours.

However, the possibilities are less than with curtains. They also attract dust and therefore need to be maintained regularly. Venetian blinds are similar to shutters but are usually cheaper. However, the quality of shutters is better.

A good choice if you:
want to easily control the amount of light entering the room
Want window decoration that takes up little space
Want budget-friendly window decoration
A less good option if you:
Are looking for low-maintenance window decoration
Want to buy window decoration which lasts for a long time
want a lot of possibilities of choice
Net curtain
A net curtain is a kind of curtain. The difference is that it is thin and almost transparent, allowing almost all daylight to enter. This window covering is usually white, but sometimes it is also available in a colour. The major advantage of net curtains is that your privacy is preserved while you can still enjoy daylight. However, this only applies when there are no lights on in your home.

Another advantage is that stripes or dust on the windows are less visible. A disadvantage is the quality. A net curtain is namely made of thin fabric. This means that it has to be handled with care. Also, it does not provide insulation. A net curtain is therefore usually used in combination with curtains or shutters.

Have your window decoration installed by a Zoofy specialist

Do you know which window decoration you want to buy? Then it still needs to be assembled. You can do this yourself or have it done by a professional. If you choose for the last option, you are 100% sure of a good assembly. Especially if you choose Zoofy, because our craftsmen are thoroughly checked. The additional advantage of choosing Zoofy is that you are automatically referred to a professional in your area so you don't have to pay call-out fees.