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Smart home products you need in 2021

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Different kinds of smart devices

The devices that make your life at home a little easier fall under the category of "Smart home". More and more of them are being sold. So it's only logical that we recently added this category to our range. A little help with installation can sometimes do no harm. And why do it the hard way if it can be done easily? 

Ok, here we go. These are our favourite smart products.....

1. Smart LED bulbs

LED bulbs are a smart idea to buy anyway, because they're good for the environment, they last longer and therefore save money. A big step up from the old-fashioned light bulb. Add a bit of smartness and the advantages are even greater. 

Smart LED systems like the Philips Hue starter kit give you full control over the lighting in your home. Along with the LED bulbs (which last up to 50,000 hours!!!), you receive a central hub at purchase that you connect to via an app on your phone. One tap on your mobile phone and the lights go on or off. But above all, you can plan for the lights to switch on when you wake up (and with what colour), come home and automatically dim the lights to create a nice atmosphere. What's more, you can often control smart lights with your voice. This simply requires a connection to Amazon Echo, Google Home or another smart speaker.  

2. Smart speakers

Speaking of speakers you can talk to......Smart speakers are becoming increasingly popular, with all major brands selling their own. Of course, the models from Google, Amazon and Sonos differ a bit in appearance and features. But in general, they offer the same key features and benefits. Via voice, laptop or mobile phone, you give your smart speaker a command. Sure, they can play music, read a book or tell you if it's raining outside. But increasingly, they are acting as the nerve centre of your home. Connect all the smart devices in the house to one speaker and a central system will tell you which one does what. That's handy! So get one of these. You can buy one from €44,-.

3. Smart feeders for your pet

Ok, ok, not useful for everyone. But if you are one of the millions of dog or cat owners. It may seem superfluous, but when you have a busy life, it comes in handy. The smart feeding system ensures that your Bella or Max gets the right amount of food at the right time. Completely automatically, without you having to do a thing.

Handy for when you regularly get home unexpectedly late from work. These devices can also be controlled with an app on your phone. So you can give your cat or dog a little extra from work every now and then. The system can also help you determine the ideal portion size for your pet based on age, weight and breed. A few models to consider: plenty of choice!

4. Smart thermostats

We can be brief about this: just do it. With a Nest or other brand, you get full control over your heating system. That way, you too can contribute to a better climate. Because a smart thermostat ensures that you heat less and therefore use less gas. That's great for the environment and also for your wallet. If you buy the more advanced Nest Learning thermostat (our favourite!), a little help with installation will come in handy. 

5. Smart smoke detectors

When you buy a smart thermostat, invest in a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector as well. It is well worth it. It increases safety in your home and these intelligent devices warn you much better than the old-fashioned smoke detectors. The Nest Protect is our favourite. Connect to the app on your mobile phone and the system notifies you immediately if something is wrong. Even when you're not at home! 

You can easily install a smart smoke detector and all other devices yourself. But you don't feel like it, don't have the time, or are just two left-handed people? We are happy to help!