Professional of the month October 2022: Nourdin Bajja

Tuesday 01 November 2022

Nourdin Bajja is our professional of the month for October, and what a professional he is! He is a true Zoofy fan and has even got his friends addicted to the Zoofy app. "My friends have almost become my competitors now, they pick up so many jobs!" Nice going, Nourdin. We are also fans of craftsmen like you!

Marketing is done for you

"I really like working with Zoofy. I like the fact that you really do the marketing for me. I tried to attract customers myself, but that's really difficult.

I also used other platforms, but I didn't like that. I had to chase everything myself, had to wait a long time for my money and often it all didn't add up. Nothing has ever gone wrong with Zoofy. If I had anything to complain about, I would really say so, but I can't think of anything.

Instant checkout via QR code
The new feature, the QR code, was really a wish of mine. This way I can let the customer pay immediately after the job, which the customer often finds a lot clearer. And I am assured of my payment. I'm very happy with it!

Every working day looks different; I can take on whatever I feel like and what I like to do myself. This variation in work is something that works very well for me and makes me very happy. Everything is very well organized. I also really like the collaborations with other companies such as IKEA and the hardware stores; it provides even more variety and it makes me feel safe that these companies work with you.


When the job is done, I love to Netflix, but my absolute number 1 is Formula 1. Honestly, I'd rather be busy with my jobs than my hobbies, but for the car races I really make an exception. I really make sure I'm home in time to watch the races. It's good that I can do that, I make my own schedule. Max Verstappen is already champion, so now I don't mind missing a race here and there, but the previous races I was really able to see them all. 

Teamwork, that's what I love about Formula 1. Some people only see cars racing in circles, but I think the cool thing is all the work that goes into it; from the choice of tires to the tactics, everything is thought out. I love that. It may sound a little crazy, but that is what I try to apply in my work. I keep trying to develop myself so that I can take on more and more jobs.

One cool example is Ikea's PAX cabinets. When I have assembled one of these cabinets, I often offer the customer to fill the spaces between the walls and the cabinets. Then it looks just like a built-in closet; so beautiful. I think it's really cool to really think along with the customer. 

Zoofy addicted

By now I've got all my friends addicted to the Zoofy app. First they picked up a job now and then, but now they do jobs for Zoofy every day. My friends have now become my competitors! No way, I'm really proud of them. There are at least ten people I see every day who do jobs for Zoofy. This is another example of teamwork. Something comes up? Then I immediately knock on the door of one of my mates. 

My advice to everyone is: only take on jobs that you can really do. If you can't do something, be honest with the customer. That way you keep a clean platform and you can be sure that the customer will be completely happy.

Don't change, Zoofy! I'm a real fan, and so are my friends by now!