Lichtplan maken Inspiratie

How to create a light plan

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Lamps, don't take it lightly

When you furnished your home, you probably paid a lot of attention to choosing your furniture, wall coverings, floors and decorations. But have you given enough thought to the lighting? Lighting is not just a way to enhance the atmosphere and determine the ambience in your home, it is simply a necessity. But what is the wisdom of installing or purchasing lighting and what is the optimum lighting? What do you have to take into account? Creating a lighting plan can certainly help you with this. Here, you can read what a lighting plan consists of and we give you tips on what to look out for.

Take your time

Don't think too lightly of drawing up a lighting plan. A poorly thought-out lighting plan is not so easy to change afterwards. A good lighting plan contains contrasts. Compare this contrast with a sunny day on which a room consists of both illuminated and shaded areas. Furthermore, a good lighting plan is characterised by lighting that is located at different heights in the room. If you follow the following steps, you can put together a lighting plan yourself.


Use an existing floor plan of your house and preferably print it out for each room. Don't have a floor plan available? Make one yourself to scale, for example 1:50, preferably on graph paper. Draw your furniture on the plan and leave some white space for notes. Indicate where there are already connections. Also indicate paintings hanging on the wall or the location of any art objects on the floor plan. Draw a circle where an activity takes place (sitting area, dining area).


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