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Exterior painting, why and how often?

Thursday 18 March 2021

How often to paint your house

Once in a while, the thought of painting window frames comes up. The frame needs a coat of paint sooner than the whole outside. After about three years, it happens that the occupants arrange for maintenance. It is obvious that you sometimes think about painting the façade. Households take different types of substrate into consideration. It also varies how often you need to tackle the exterior. On average, it takes about five years before the time comes. The exterior paintwork determines how the house appears in the street scene for years to come. The exterior often forms the first impression that bystanders get of the house.

Different types of paint

Right from the start, the focus is on delivering quality. The work starts even before the brushes come into contact with the window frames or façades. The choice of a certain type of paint will play an indispensable role in the final result. One house has special wall paint, while the neighbours go for hydrogen base. It saves a lot of money if you know whether different types of paint are compatible. The painter will be happy to advise you on which ones seem best. After all, it varies from house to house what type of paint sticks well to the surface. The residents may also ask themselves whether they want to keep the same colour or try a different shade.


Different types of substrate

Meanwhile, it is striking what an improvement maintenance brings. It is important that the exterior remains in good condition for as long as possible. At first sight, a certain colour appeals to you during the preparation. When painting window frames or a façade, more than taste matters. Different types of paint are suitable for different surfaces. Whether the house is made of wood, stone or plastic also plays a role. In the case of wood, you only need to use a primer.

Painting window frames

The job gives you the opportunity to take a fresh look at the house. In the course of the year, the outside of the house has to deal with many weather situations. During spring or summer, a job like painting window frames comes in handy. With a fresh coat of paint, the structure can better withstand a hard rain or a whirlwind. Painted window frames make the windows in the house stand out even more. The paint makes them look brand new. The flexible painters do their paintwork according to your wishes as much as possible. Making an appointment is the next action.

Painting the facade

Painting the front of the house easily gives the house a new look. The maintenance even contributes to increasing your living pleasure. The painters at Zoofy can relieve you of all your worries about the facade painting. With the different types of paint they provide for satisfied faces at all kinds of applicants. It doesn't add much to the service to paint annually, but timely response is not a luxury. We recommend that you have your exterior painting done once every seven years.