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5 reasons why Zoofy is beneficial

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Why book a professional via Zoofy

Anyone who has seen our commercial on television is probably curious as to what exactly Zoofy does. In this article we explain it to you in detail:

A spaghetti of cables or that new unassembled Ikea furniture that is gathering dust, of which you know anyway that the assembly will make you cry. Skirting boards that still need to be laid, a new fence in the garden... In every house there are chores that you might not even feel like doing. You just want to get it done. But even though the task is so simple, it's always easier not to do it. With Zoofy you can get that nasty job done.

Want a professional? We understand you. We also understand that you need a plumber now because your drain is clogged. We give you five reasons why it's better to hire a professional through Zoofy, than to throw yourself into that one little job on which you endlessly procrastinate. Zoofy makes it easier than ever to book a handyman in your neighbourhood. Are you curious what makes us different from the competition? You can read about it here.

1. Wanting a professional? No endless searching for the right handyman

We take the uncertainty away from you for jobs that are stressful enough in themselves. Good handymen are often hard to find and busy. With us, the search for a handyman is over. Forget endless searches with questions like: Which company should I go to? Isn't this job too small to hire a company for it? How do I find a reliable handyman? Am I not paying too much? What if I am not satisfied? It doesn't get any easier. We believe that you would rather be helped quickly and professionally than get lost in a sea of reading reviews or asking for quotes. When you book your job through us, you know it's right. We have already asked the professionals the necessary questions, so you don't have to. Moreover, you don't have to wait until a company has time for you, but you plan when it is convenient for you, or urgent.