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11 anti-burglary tips - How crooks think

Monday 21 August 2023

Burglars at the door. That's a house call nobody wants. Yet it happens more often than you think. In the Netherlands, a lout breaks into a house every ten minutes. That amounts to 144 burglaries a day. And, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), one in five burglars return to the same house within a year. That's because burglars then know that the stolen goods have been replaced with new ones. You don't want that, do you? Time to take measures. Zoofy helps you to prevent burglary in your palace. That's why we've put together 11 burglary prevention tips for you. If you want to take rigorous measures, read our blog about how 'getting smart' can help you create a safer and smarter home.

Anti-burglary tip 1: Make sure you have good locks

Don't sit on your hands when it comes to buying good locks. Outdated locks are easy to break. It is therefore wise to replace old locks. Arrange for a safe lock for all (garage) doors, windows, sliding doors and any skylights. Don't know what kind of lock to buy? Then check out the checklist for a safe lock blog. Need help with the installation of the locks? Then call in one of our men. We arrange a carpenter in your area. And, perhaps self-evidently, but it happens: Always lock all doors and windows when you get out. Even if you're only gone for a short while - even if it's only for a few minutes - remember: a burglar only needs 30 seconds to get into your house. Burglaries do not only happen at night.

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Anti-burglary tip 2: Do not leave a key under the doormat

It's probably just another open door we're kicking in, but while we're at it: everyone knows these places, including burglars. A key under the doormat or under a flowerpot may seem handy. But don't do it. Speaking of keys: do your neighbours have a key to your house? Never attach a label to it. The same applies vice versa, of course. You can make it too easy for burglars ;-)

Anti-burglary tip 3: Put your burglars in the spotlight

Perhaps this is the most efficient burglary prevention measure you can use; lighting. Burglars don't like to be put in the spotlight. Make sure there is lighting outside. Consider lights with a motion detector, or work with lights that work on a timer. Hang the lights in a place that is difficult to reach, so that they are not easy to destroy. Even when you are not at home, it is important to leave a few lights on. Or you can easily arrange this with a timer.

Anti-burglary tip 4: Hang up cameras

Nowadays, more and more people have cameras around their homes. Often you can easily connect them to your phone. A Nest Cam Outdoor is a good example. Through the live view, you can immediately see if someone is sneaking around your house. You even have the option to say something to the person via the app. Are you home alone at night and hear a strange noise? Thanks to the infrared function, you can also see what is happening. The camera is even so smart that it only notifies you when a person is in view. So you don't have to get stressed out if the neighbour's kid kicks the ball into your garden again. Installing the Nest Cam Outdoor is easy by hiring a professional from us. Looking for a more budget-friendly solution? Then check out the next tip.