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Water-side central heating costs

Monday 24 October 2022

Gas prices through the roof? Save fast now before winter sets in.

Some ways to make your home more sustainable you may not be able to think of on your own. Installing radiator foil is, of course, an open door.

The water-side adjustment of a central heating system sounds less familiar to many people. Nevertheless, it is a good way to make your home more sustainable by reducing your energy consumption. As an added benefit, the rooms in your home will be well heated, so you can expect more comfort. Enough reason to look into this further. The payback time is less than a year at current gas prices.

Your central heating can save up to 15% on your gas consumption. Have your CV water-side regulated by Zoofy. No call-out charges. Simply book a specialist via Zoofy to make your home more sustainable. 

CV water side adjustment by Zoofy

During the adjustment, the central heating water is evenly distributed over the heating elements, this is set in the central heating installation. The central heating installation is a collective name for the central heating boiler and the radiators or convectors. When this is done, the water flows through all the heating elements in just the right amount and temperature to sufficiently heat your rooms.


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