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Benefits of a boiling water tap

Wednesday 29 December 2021

The benefits of a boiling water tap

Are you considering buying a new kitchen or has your current faucet had its day? Then it's worth considering installing a boiling water tap. After releasing the child lock (child-friendly and safe operation), boiling water comes straight out of the tap. Great when you want to make a pot of tea or just a cup of tea, fill a large pan or clean bottles, for example. This means you no longer have to wait for boiling water, you always have the right amount of boiling water at your disposal and you have more space on the countertop. The kettle can go. Apart from boiling water,
If a special mixing valve is connected, hot and cold water can also come out of the same tap. How ideal is that!
So to sum up, these are the advantages of a boiling water tap:

  • kettle superfluous, more space on the countertop
  • boiling, hot and cold water from one tap (so-called 3-in-1 tap)
  • Extra safe for children

Safety first

Every boiling water tap is fitted with a child safety feature. Boiling water only comes out of the tap when this safety device is released. Most boiling water taps require you to keep your finger on a button on the tap for a few seconds, until a light starts to blink. However, the security can vary from brand to brand. Therefore, read the user manual carefully before using the tap for the first time. If possible, take extra precautions to prevent small children from gaining access to the faucet.
Would you like to have the tap installed by a professional, for instance one of the professionals of Zoofy? They are experienced in installing this type of faucet and can tell you more about it.

What is needed to install a boiling water tap and how does it work?
Besides the tap itself, a boiler is needed, which can be installed in a kitchen cabinet or under the plinth. The boiler ensures that the boiling water is stored under pressure and that the water is kept at the right temperature. After releasing the (child) safety device, boiling water comes out of the tap directly from the boiler.
Furthermore, a cold water supply and a hot water supply are required. The latter is connected to the boiler. The hot water supply can be used to replenish the boiling water in the boiler that has been used.

The capacity of the water heater

The size of the water heater depends on the amount of boiling water you intend to use. If you want to fill one or more large pots with boiling water, a boiler with a capacity of eight litres is preferred over a boiler with a capacity of four litres. This is also the case if you have a 3-in-1 tap and need a lot of plain hot water, for example for rinsing dirty dishes. Although a boiler fills itself with (cold) water, it takes a while before the water is back on temperature. Do you choose for a large water heater? Keep in mind that the dimensions of this water heater must fit in the kitchen cabinet.

The appearance of the boiling water tap
Fortunately, you can also choose from various shapes, colours and designs when it comes to a boiling water tap. It is a matter of taste (and money of course). Some brands offer this type of tap with a round, curved shape. Other brands have a more angular design.

Power supply

For a good working of a boiling water tap, electricity is needed to power the boiler. Preferably connect the boiler to a different group than the dishwasher or the cooker. By not connecting all kitchen appliances to the same group, that group will not be overloaded and you can use several appliances at the same time without any worries. You can consider having a separate group installed, for example by an electrician that you can book quickly and easily through Zoofy.

Energy label

Most boiling water taps have an energy label, just like many other appliances. This is great for your wallet and the environment.

Safe installation

Now that you know all about the advantages of a boiling water tap, you will naturally want to have it installed quickly and safely, as well as the accompanying boiler. This can of course be done by carefully reading the installation manual and following all the steps. However, it is easier, faster and safer to leave the installation to a professional. With Zoofy your job is done in no time. Before you know it, a local expert will be standing on your doorstep. The only thing you need to do is to tell Zoofy three times when you want the professional to contact you.