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Become a partner of Zoofy?

Would you also like to become a partner of Zoofy? Send an email to [email protected] for a demo.

About Zoofy's partners

Our partners are companies that work with us to improve their products and services. For example, Zoofy arranges the installation service for the above brands. We work with these companies to offer their customers the best experience, when they purchase a piece of furniture, these brands offer an assembly service through Zoofy.

How it works

Our partners offer products in their shop or webshop. These can be furniture items such as cabinets. The company offers the option to purchase an assembly service with it. Zoofy provides the assembly service and makes sure the job is done properly. Zoofy has several options for connecting the webshop to Zoofy's system.

What are the advantages

By cooperating with Zoofy, companies have the opportunity to help their customers from A to Z with an extra service they can offer. They also directly increase their own turnover with this. Zoofy has a wide network of professional tradesmen in different service areas. In total, there are 12,500 affiliated professionals. These professionals score an average of 9.2.