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Top 5 most picked up jobs of 2022

Thursday 12 January 2023

So at the end of the year, Zoofy can't be left behind with an "annual review. We put it in a slightly different format; a top 5 of the most booked jobs of 2022.

Top five most executed jobs in 2022

The professionals have not been idle again:

1. Handyman by the hour. The absolute number 1; more than 8% of all bookings involved the help of a handyman by the hour;
2. Handyman assistance assembly service. More than 6% of all bookings were from people who needed help assembling furniture;
3. Plumber by the hour. 5% Of all bookings were for our plumbers;
4. Electrician by the hour. This job comprised more than 4% of all bookings;
5. Lamp hanging. In more than 2.5% of all bookings, our professionals helped hang lamps.

Best wishes for 2023 from Zoofy

This concludes another great year, and we look ahead to a beautiful and successful 2023!