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Water heating adjustment corner house

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Adjusting the water-side central heating for a corner house? Easily book a specialist via Zoofy to make your home more sustainable. No call-out costs.

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Book a professional for water heating adjustments corner house

During adjustment, the central heating water is distributed evenly to the heating elements. This is controlled by central heating. Central heating is a collective name for central heating boilers and radiators or convectors. Water flows through all heating elements in just the right amount to properly heat the room.

Advantages of water control in a corner house

The biggest advantage is that the energy consumption can be reduced considerably. Usually it is 5%, but sometimes it is 15%. If you want to turn up the thermostat in one room extra when you want to heat another, you will get the most benefit from water-side control. It also improves the water flow in the heating element. This allows the heat to be better distributed. Poor flow distribution can cause some rooms to be too hot or too cold compared to the rest of the house. Thanks to the adjustment, you have a comfortable temperature everywhere. In fact, most homes have poorly calibrated central heating systems. It is therefore not difficult to imagine that this has a negative effect on energy consumption and living comfort.

When can I make adjustments?

Previously, the installer always made adjustments when installing a central heating boiler, but unfortunately this is no longer the case. The main reason is that installers are afraid that customers will find the costs too high. Most people do not see the added value of it. It may also be knowledge that the installer lacks. If you need to replace your boiler, ask directly about modifying the water side of your system. If the central heating boiler is not yet due for replacement, it pays to adapt it later. In this way you can quickly save tens of euros per year. Moreover, from 2020 it will also be mandatory for renewed heating systems. Even if more than 30% of the heating elements have been replaced. However, in some old houses this is not possible and exceptions are made.

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