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Basis package sustainable house

From €99 incl. vat

Based on prices of 3633 sustainable houses in your area

Do you want to make your home more sustainable? Then use the basic package for making the home more sustainable. Click to see more of this pack.

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Choose the basic package for making your home more sustainable

The Home sustainability basic package with Energy Check House is a package that you can purchase to make your home more sustainable. The package consists of various parts, such as sealing cracks, installing draft tips and installing a letterbox brush/door brush. These components help you to make your home more energy efficient, so that you consume less energy and therefore have lower energy costs.

Is it better to leave this to a professional?

It is advisable to have the Home Preservation basic package with House Energy Check installed by a professional. A professional has the knowledge and experience to install the components correctly, so you can be sure that your home will be more energy efficient. Moreover, professionals can help you choose the right parts, so that you get the best results.

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