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Smart dishwasher installation

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Via Zoofy you can easily book a smart home specialist for installing a smart dishwasher. Book in just a few steps. No call-out costs.

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Have your smart dishwasher installed via Zoofy

Via Zoofy you can easily book a professional to install a smart dishwasher. You book a professional in just a few steps. Have you bought a new smart dishwasher from, for example, AEG? Then our professionals can help you connect the dishwasher and install the application on your phone. This way you can also operate the dishwasher remotely. And see how long the program will last.

Have a smart dishwasher installed

Placing a smart dishwasher is a way to install your dishwasher without having to call in a professional. It is a simple process where you connect the dishwasher to the water and drainage pipes and the power supply.


  • You can install your dishwasher yourself, saving you money on the costs of a professional.
  • You can perform the installation yourself, so you can do the installation at your own pace.
  • You can check the installation yourself to make sure everything is connected properly.


  • If you have no experience installing a dishwasher, it can be a time consuming process.
  • Improper installation can lead to leakage or other problems.
  • If you do not perform the installation properly, this can lead to damage to your dishwasher.

Possible costs:

The cost of installing a smart dishwasher can vary depending on the nature of the installation. For example, you can incur costs for connecting the water and drainage pipes, connecting the power supply and purchasing any additional materials.

Our advice:

If you have no experience installing a dishwasher, I recommend that you call in a professional. A professional has the knowledge and experience to carry out the installation properly, so you can be sure that the installation is carried out properly. You can also discuss the costs with a professional, so that you know exactly what you will spend on the installation.

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