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How Much Does Sink Installation Cost?

Thursday 29 December 2022

Cost to install a sink

Including labour, the average cost of installing a new sink is €400, but the rates vary between €216 and €592. From low to high, the cost can range from €100 to €1,100 or more. Project prices depend on the type of sink and the amount of labour required.

Cost of Sink

With labour, a new sink costs on average €400, but the cost can be as much as €2,000 depending on the style.

Installation costs, including fixtures and labour, also vary depending on the style of sink, the complexity of the work and the contractor. Undermount and farmhouse kitchen sinks usually cost the most; a drop-in, self-trimming or bar style costs the least.

Cost to replace countertops

Most homeowners spend between €220 and €560 to have a sink added or replaced. Expect to pay somewhere between €30 and €130 to remove your existing sink.