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Costs of attic renovation

Thursday 23 December 2021

Is a new family member on the way? Do you want to set up a home office or do you need an extra hobby room? Then it is interesting to convert the attic for this purpose. In this way, an unused space is given a new function and you gain a nice living space. Apart from a lot of convenience and pleasure, converting the attic is a good investment. It will increase the value of your home. Would you like to know what possibilities there are to convert your attic? Would you like to be informed about the possibilities and the work involved? Are you curious about the costs of attic renovation? In this blog you can read all about it.

What does it cost to convert an attic?

The minimum cost for an attic conversion is € 5.000, the maximum cost is € 15.000 and the average cost is € 11.000.
In the table below you can read the prices. Of course you don't have to realise all parts. The prices mentioned include materials, labour and VAT.

Component Average cost

Installation of dormer window €3,650 to €4,700 Wood, polyester or plastic
Installation of a roof window €500 to €900 Plastic pivot window
Installing roof insulation €1,000 to €3,000 45 m2 to 110 m2
Installing electricity € 700 including light points
Installing central heating € 1,000 including radiator
Install plasterboard ceiling and walls €400 to €600 40 m2 to 60 m2
Installing plasterboard walls €400 to €1,000 10 m2 to 15 m2
Plastering €175 to €800 25 m2 to 75 m2
Laying a floor in the attic € 250 to € 500 15 m2 to 25 m2
Fixed stairs installed € 1,000 to € 1,500 Pinewood
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Different options costs loft conversion

The cheapest option

If you want to have your attic renovated in the cheapest way, you should count on an average price of € 5,000. In return you get a lot like a skylight, roof insulation, a straight staircase, installation of electricity and heating. The attic floor, the ceiling and the walls are neatly finished.

An average renovation

If you want to completely rebuild the attic, the average costs are about € 11,000. You can then stand upright thanks to a dormer window of wood or plastic. A plaster wall creates a real room. A pinewood staircase with a quarter turn gives access to the new space and electricity and heating are installed. The roof is insulated and the attic floor, ceiling and walls are neatly finished.

The most expensive option

If you want to go all the way, the average cost of renovating your attic is approximately €13,500. Not only will a dormer be installed, but also a skylight for optimal daylight entry, creating a spacious and light living space. The roof will be insulated, plastered and finished.
Electricity is installed to handle heavier equipment such as a washing machine and dryer. Two usable rooms will be created by means of a plaster wall. Heating will be installed and the new rooms will be accessible by a two-quarter staircase.