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Some time ago, you bought a new piece of furniture at a furniture shop in Maastricht. The furniture is still neatly packed in the box. You just don't get around to doing it yourself. A helping hand is very welcome. A handyman from Zoofy in Maastricht will assemble that furniture for you in no time.

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Install air bike
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Asbestos remediation
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Have your balcony closed with glass
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Balcony renovation
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Assemble a dresser
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In which parts of Maastricht do we have handymen?

The handymen come to the districts: Suburb-West, Suburb-East, Suburb-Southeast, Suburb-South-West, Centre, Suburb-North-East and Suburb-North-West. Our handymen come to all 7 districts of Maastricht. 

Via our website Zoofy.nl, you can quickly arrange an appointment with a handyman. With a few simple clicks on your laptop or tablet, you have an appointment. You specify what the handyman in Maastricht needs to do. What a handyman can do is very broad, hence the name handyman. A handyman does jobs such as: Assembling a piece of furniture, laying skirting boards, hanging a lamp, hanging a TV, hanging a painting, hanging curtain rails, hanging coat racks, assembling door handles, helping to move house or changing toilet seats. whether it's a big or small job, with our handyman it's in good hands.

Book a handyman in Maastricht through Zoofy

Whatever your job, our handymen are all-rounders and have years of experience. On the next screen, enter when you can. If you think your job can't wait any longer, indicate it's urgent. If you think the job can wait longer, then choose a later date. You will see that our professionals only do good work. In the case of an urgent job, you will have an appointment confirmation in 20 minutes. Then the handyman will come to your place in Maastricht. To make sure the handyman arrives at the right address in Maastricht, you leave your details.

The handyman is a local handyman. So from Maastricht. Zoofy does not charge a call-out fee. That saves you a couple of euros. You can do something else with that money. You'll see the handyman's rate when you make an appointment.

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