Zoofy's warranty

We work hard to ensure that your jobs are always carried out in a perfect way. At Zoofy, we believe it is important to guarantee quality and professionalism. This also applies to our professionals. We aim for high customer satisfaction throughout the entire process. From the first contact to the end result, we believe it is important to give you a positive experience. Zoofy therefore has a strict door policy. All our males are screened in advance and we require the utmost care in the performance of their work. That way you know for sure that your job is in safe hands.

Your job insured up to 2.5 million euros!

Such a reassuring idea. If something should go wrong now while doing odd jobs - it remains human work after all - with damage as a result. Then Zoofy is insured for this up to an amount of 2.5 million euros.

A few conditions apply. It must, for example, concern material damage that is demonstrably caused by the work of the professional or as a result of the job done.

Has damage been caused during odd jobs or as a result?

  • Take photos of the damage caused and fill in this form.

Upon receipt, we will forward your story to our insurer who will review the case. This way you don't have to go after the professional. That saves a lot of frustration, time and hassle.

What exactly does the warranty mean?

Suppose there is no question of damage, but the job itself has not been done satisfactorily. For example, the problem that the professional came up with has not been solved or the job has simply been carried out incorrectly, then you can (possibly) rely on the come-good guarantee.

Note: there must really be (gross) negligence on the part of the professional during the execution of the job. A professional who comes too late is annoying, but is not covered by any form of guarantee.

All work carried out by our Zoofy men - and the parts they deliver - have a 12-month warranty, unless the professional indicates in advance that it does not apply to your specific job.
An exception to this rule are repairs (resolving a malfunction) on central heating boilers and clearing blockages. A warranty of 2 weeks applies to these specific jobs.

No guarantee can be given for emergency solutions that must temporarily resolve a serious problem.

The following agreements apply to the coming-good guarantee.

  • If something happens while carrying out jobs or after the work has been completed, you should contact the professional immediately or within 72 hours of receiving the invoice. He (or she) must first of all always have a second chance to finish the job satisfactorily.
  • If you and the professional really don't work together, the problem is not solved even after the second attempt or if the professional does not want to help you further, please contact us immediately. We then check whether we send another professional at our expense. The condition is that we are always allowed to come and see the situation with our own eyes to see what is going on. There must indeed be gross negligence on the part of the professional.
  • You always give us the option to solve the problem for you. Visiting and being able to have the job done properly or repaired by another professional affiliated with Zoofy is a condition for a possible reimbursement.
  • If, in the meantime, you let another party solve the problem, then we can no longer play a role in any (refund) payment. We can then no longer find out exactly what happened.

Of course, you can only claim all of the above if the job (including payment) has been entirely through Zoofy. If that is not the case, then unfortunately we cannot do anything for you.

Thank you for your confidence in Zoofy!