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Virus removal

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A virus or malware on your computer can cause major damage. Prevent your files from being lost and take action on time. Enable the help of an expert. Describe your problem. View the prices. Schedule an appointment with a computer repairer in your area.

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Remove virus from your PC or Mac

This way you can use your laptop or PC again the same day and you don't have to postpone deadlines or put aside unnecessary work. If you can manage without your laptop for one more day, you can also schedule an appointment. You choose the desired day and time when it suits you best.

  Besides that our computer helpers can come to your home to repair your laptop or PC, they can also solve other computer problems for you. They can backup your PC or Mac, perform a data recovery, pull network cables and remove viruses. But they can also set up a WiFi home network, install a printer or equipment, secure and/or clean up your PC or Mac. There is no technical problem that our computer helpers cannot solve for you. In addition, they only leave when you are satisfied.

At Zoofy, we only work with the most skilled and reliable computer helpers that we manually select ourselves. You can see a picture of each computer helper and what his reviews are of previous jobs. So you will have a good idea of who is standing at your door. Furthermore, our customer service is available 24/7 if you have any questions or if you have trouble scheduling an appointment.

We use advantageous rates at Zoofy where you can always request a quote and have the guarantee that your job will be done right. After the job, you have the option to pay in cash or iDeal. You do not have cash at home and you would rather pay the invoice right away? Then some computer helpers even have an ATM machine with them for your convenience.


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