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When you can no longer find files and the computer no longer performs well, it's time to clean up the device. Do not you dare to do it yourself? Then call in the help of a computer expert in your area.

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Here's what you need to do to clean up your computer

When your computer is getting slower and slower, you may think it's time to replace it. If you're a bit short on cash, there are ways to make your computer faster yourself. With the following step-by-step plan, we would like to give you a hand.

PC cleanup step-by-step:

Delete unnecessary programs.
You can use the right mouse button to uninstall programs. Note! You can only delete one program at a time.
Delete Cookies and small files. You can do this by downloading CCleaner for free. This program removes all unnecessary small files such as cookies, browser history, old passwords etc.
In the program choose CLEANER ? select or deselect the files you want to 'clean up' ? choose CLEANER, so the big cleanup can begin.
Use CCleaner to clean the registry. The Windows Registry is where your computer stores everything you change or install, with the result that over time it becomes so large that your computer slows down. Open the program CCleaner ? Registry ? Scan for errors ? Repair selected problems ? choose 'yes' to save changes (so you always have a backup) ? choose Fix all selected errors.
Run a virus scan on your computer. Often a slow computer can also be the result of a virus. You should download a virus scanner or anti-virus program to see if your computer is infected. (See: Removing viruses from PC or Mac)

Please note that when cleaning your computer there are risks involved! You may accidentally delete important programs or files, or your computer may even become slower. If you prefer to avoid these risks, you can always hire an experienced computer specialist through Zoofy.

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