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Build wheelie bin cover

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Book a carpenter through Zoofy for the construction of a wheelie bin cover. No hassle with quotations, but directly the right professional.

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Build a bin cover via Zoofy

Through Zoofy you can book a professional to make a wheelie bin conversion. Do you want a nice wooden wheelie bin shelter or a sturdy one made of aluminum? Everything is possible at Zoofy. Place your job in just four easy steps and we will take care of the rest. You can easily pay afterwards via Tikkie or iDeal.

Click-box conversion 

A wheelie bin enclosure is a way to spruce up or hide a standard wheelie bin by making a frame or enclosure around the wheelie bin. Making a wheelie bin enclosure is a process of making a frame for the enclosure and covering it with wood, fabric or other material of your choice.
Making a clicker conversion is a job that someone with some do-it-yourself skills can tackle. There are many tutorials on the Internet where you can see step by step how to do this yourself. However, if you do not feel like doing it or are not confident that you can do it properly, it is better to leave it to a professional. A professional will ensure that the conversion is safe and fits well with the wheelie bin and its surroundings.
When making a clicker conversion, it is important to make sure that the conversion fits well around the clicker so that it is still easy to open and close, and that the frame is sturdy enough to support the clicker. It is also important to make sure that the conversion is in the right size for the clicker you are using.
It is advisable to have a clicker enclosure made by a professional if you are unsure about the strength and proper size of the enclosure so that it is safe and functions as it should.

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