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Which closet fits your interior

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Cabinets are indispensable in the home. Whether the cabinet makes a statement for the eye or serves a very practical function, you will undoubtedly need them to store your things. Which cabinet you need and which one fits into your interior depends on your needs and what you are going to use the cabinet for. For example, you can choose an open cabinet for beautiful accessories or books, but also a closed cabinet to store things that do not need to be in sight. In this article we give you some examples of cabinets that fit different needs.

A cabinet with open shelves

This is a closet for the trend follower or bookworm. The person who likes to always keep up with home trends or to display the most beautiful books. With an open cabinet you get the opportunity to fill the open compartments with your most beautiful accessories. This could be frames with photos or paintings, or beautiful pots and plants or all your favorite books.

The sideboard: the low cabinet

This is a nice cabinet if you have no room to go up in your interior or if you like it when the cabinet creates a quiet and airy space. A sideboard is not higher than a dining table and therefore you maintain an equal height. Of course, you can also put decorations of your choice on it.

The sideboard

Do you want to store things and at the same time have the opportunity to display things? Then the sideboard is your closet. You can store some clutter in the drawers or closed cabinets and at the same time present beautiful dishes, photos or other accessories in the open compartments or behind glass doors.

The storage cabinet

The storage cabinet is a completely closed cabinet to store all your stuff and make your home look neat and tidy. A storage cabinet takes up a bit more space, but if you like to always store all your smaller items, it will eventually result in a peaceful atmosphere in your interior. Ideal for collectors, hobbyists and families.

The room divider

Are you looking for a piece of furniture to separate your kitchen from the living room, for example, and to store things in it at the same time? Then a room divider is your thing. With several open shelves you keep an airy space, while also being able to display your most beautiful accessories, such as books or plants and pots.

 In short: there is always a closet for your needs. If you are still in doubt, visit a store to ask for advice and to see the cabinets.