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Tips for a safer and smarter home

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Anyone who owns a home wants to protect it against burglars. Nobody wants uninvited guests. You want to prevent a break-in and the misery that goes with it. In this blog, we will therefore give you a number of smart suggestions for better security in your home and thus for your possessions.

Smart, smarter, smartest

A properly secured front door is the basis of a well secured home. In more than half of all home burglaries, the burglars enter the house via the front door. A good cylinder lock is therefore important. Of course you can have all the locks of your house replaced by SKG locks of a heavier class, where 1 is the lightest class and 3 the heaviest. That has a burglar-proof effect. But, and this will not surprise you, there is also a noticeable change in the world of locks. After smart lighting, smart doorbells and smart smoke detectors, the smart lock has now made its appearance. It was bound to happen. Your smartphone replaces an ordinary house key. Just by touching a smart lock with your smartphone, you can open it. It's as easy as opening your car. Even physically touching the smart lock with your smartphone is not necessary. Even with your phone in your pocket, doors literally open for you. Very handy when you're standing at the door with your hands full of groceries or need to find your keys somewhere at the bottom of your handbag or purse.

Bold smart locks

The great thing about smart locks is that they can be installed on the inside of your front door within minutes, without having to drill or screw anything. Do you need help with this? The professionals from Zoofy are happy to help you, just like with the rest of your chores. Also smart locks have an SKG approval in class 3. Brands that have put good smart locks on the market are amongst others Nuki, Bold and Loqed. With a smart lock you will never lose a key again and you will never have to have a key copied. After all, there is no physical key anymore. Also nice if you have children who keep losing their keys. Via an app, you always have a direct view of who has come in or who has gone out. You can also grant someone access just once. Handy, for example, when you're on holiday.
By the way, you don't have to worry about standing in front of a closed door. If you forget your phone or it is empty, you can open your smart lock with a code.

A secure Nest

With Google Nest Security, you can take smart home security one step further. Both Google's smart doorbells (or the Ring doorbell) and Google Nest IP security camera work with facial recognition. So you always know who has been in the house or who rang your doorbell. Both the built-in camera of the Smart Doorbell and the IP security camera distinguish between persons, animals and objects/objects. When movement occurs, you get an instant notification on your phone and can immediately see who is at the door or what is going on.

Other smart options

But there are more ways to secure your home. With smart lighting, you can still create the impression that someone is present, even when you are not at home. Don't just control the lighting inside the house, but also the outside lighting, for example with a motion sensor. Burglars do not like a lot of light. The same applies to smart roller shutters and screens, which you can open or close at a time of your choosing, thus suggesting domestic activity.

Traditional burglary prevention tips

Furthermore, take the following general tips to heart. Prevention is still better than a cure.
1.Replace single glazing with laminated, burglar-resistant glass
2.Store jewellery in a safe place and put things like notebooks and tablets out of sight.
3. A dog (which starts barking at strangers) is usually a deterrent.
4. No smart lock? Always lock the front door! With a simple plastic card a burglar will be inside before you know it. This method is known as pinballing.
5.Does your front door have an excellent (not to be confused with an excellent quality) cylinder lock? Then have it replaced with a recessed lock or directly with a smart lock. An outstanding lock is an easy way for burglars to get in.

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